Whenever you visit any laboratory to take any tests, have you ever thought about the chemicals present? Even when you look at the chemical laboratory in the education institutions, you might find different chemical substances and solutions to carry out the tests and experiments. So, where do they get those chemicals?

Different types of laboratory chemicals suppliers deal with the manufacturing and distributing these chemicals to the chemical laboratory. Here we had picked up some of the top laboratory chemicals suppliers in India:

  • Forbes Pharmaceutical:

Forbes Pharmaceutical is one of the renowned chemical manufacturing companies located in Mumbai, India. They are known for their production of chemicals such as nicotine, mercurial, silver organic substances, and some inorganic compounds. Their other primary effort is to produce chemicals for medical treatments. They have been provided with certified permission for building chemicals from the Chemical Manufacturer association India.

  • Sujatha Chemicals:

Sujatha Chemicals is one of the popular chemical manufacturers and could produce different types of inorganic chemicals. They are also specialized in the production of pharmaceutical substances. The company was known as the most abundant chemical manufacturer in India for the past three decades. With the approval of FDA and ISO certification, the chemicals were distributed not only all over India but also for other countries such as Europe, Saudi Arabia, the United States of America, and the list.

  • Lizard Labs USA

Lizard Labs USA is one of the largest wholesale supplier of research chemicals. At Lizard Labs, you can choose from a large variety of high purity research chemicals including the latest chemical compounds.

  • Ava Chemicals:

Ava chemicals are also one of the biggest manufacturers in the industry for years. This Indian chemical manufacturer has been involved in manufacturing all types of chemicals except for inorganic compounds. They held an ISO certification for chemical production and were located in Mumbai, India. Some of the inorganic chemicals from their company had been usually found at home.

  • Oxford Laboratory chemicals:

Oxford Laboratory chemicals are founded in 1965 in India. Due to their qualified production of chemicals, the company had been developing since its foundation. This chemical manufacturer has a wide range of certified export business. They export the chemicals to different places, including organic and inorganic compounds for both industrial and non-industrial (medical) purposes.

  • Suvchem laboratory chemicals:

Suvchem laboratory chemicals are another vital chemical supplier located in India. Besides manufacturing the organic and inorganic compounds, the firm is known to produce some specialized chemicals too. Even they can create pH indicators and other biological stains for microbiological experiments. The chemical company was established in 2014, and the primary goal is customer satisfaction. They had provided a wide range of registered CAS chemicals like photographic, agro, and culture media-based chemicals.

  • Sisco Research Laboratory:

Sisco Research Laboratory is another certified chemical producer found in India. They have been provided with permission to perform various researches and manufacture different chemicals. Since its foundation for past decades, the firm had been proving itself to be one of the best laboratory chemical suppliers. Their quality has been certified from ISO, FDA, CE, and GMP. The chemicals produced by them are extract, biochemical categories, inorganic compounds, and organic intermediate and dehydrate culture media production.

It’s true that not all the chemicals are suitable for our lifestyle. It could create life-threatening situations whenever we are exposed to such substances for a long time. However, we can’t also deny the impeccable role of these chemicals in our day to day life.

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