8 Famous Gambling Movies you should Watch

Numerous debates are going on the ethical values of gambling like poker, buktiqq, Zynga, and other casino games. Gambling movies have always gained popularity despite the legality of gambling. So here is the list of best gambling movies to make your movie time enjoyable and thrilling. Now you just have to choose the film.

  1. THE STING(1973)

IMDb- 8.3/10

Genre: Crime/ Drama

‘The Sting,’ a classic gambling movie inspired by real incidents, is about two con artists who target a professional gambler. This Oscar-winning movie is the best crime thriller to sit back and enjoy.

  1. CASINO(1995)

IMDb- 8.2/10

Genre: Crime/ Drama

Inspired by actual incidents, Casino’s story revolves around Ace, who runs a casino in Las Vegas. Once he makes a considerable profit, the profits are skimmed by mafia before the taxes are paid. Watch and find out whether things went back to normal.

  1. CASINO ROYALE(2006)


Genre: Action/ Adventure

‘Casino Royale’ is the movie based on the book with the same title penned by Ian Fleming. The famous character James Bond is assigned to prevent Le Chiffre in winning a high stake poker game at Casino Royale. Casino Royale can be your perfect cup of tea if you love action movies.

  1. UNCUT GEMS(2019)


Genre: Crime/ Dark comedy

The latest gambling movie ‘Uncut Gems’ deals with the life of a jeweler who struggles hard to balance his family and business life, along with a high stake bet he had made. This suspense thriller can make you realize how tough and stressful it is to be a gambler. Though criticized as a bit overrated, it sincerely deals with the theme of gambling.

  1. ROUNDERS(1998)

IMDb- 7.3/10

Genre: Drama/ Crime

Young Mike’s struggles in balancing his love life and commitment to law school along with gambling, to find money to pay off his friend’s debts. Regarded as one of the most underrated movies, you are going to love it no matter whether you are a poker player or not.


IMDb- 7.3/10

Genre: Drama/ Adaptation

The central character Eric also known as the ‘Cincinnati kid,’ is a young poker player who wishes to defeat the best player (Lancey Howard). Unfortunately, that high stake poker game is pre-fixed for Howard to win for. So start watching now to find out whether the Cincinnati kid was successful in his attempt or not!

  1. CROUPIER(1998)

IMDb- 7.1/10

Genre: Noir/ Indie film

The movie ‘Croupier’ offers you a slight change in the cliché plot since the hero, being an aspiring writer, is forced to involve in gambling by a woman gambler who is always unlucky in gambling. This Highly acclaimed for brilliant direction and strong acting of Clive Owen as the central character will make your movie time worthy.

  1. 21(2008)

IMDb- 6.8/10

Genre: Drama

An M.I.T professor makes millions by recruiting five brilliant students for gambling.  Though the students succeed in the beginning soon, their lives turn upside down with various complications. Then there is their struggle to get back what they had lost. Watch the movie to know how gambling made their lives different than usual.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a gambler or not. These gambling movies will give you a splendid cinema experience. So now its movie time, just sit back and enjoy!

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